48. “Welcome to General Cinemas. Please dispose of trash.”

The episode:Gamera vs. Guiron,” ep. 312

The riff: Monotoned by Joel as some weird, lumpy asteroid-type things fly toward a spaceship being piloted by our boy heroes.

The explanation: This is a reference to a series of pre-show “policy trailers” by the Midwestern theater chain General Cinema, which existed until 2002, when it was bought out by AMC. In one of the spots, various snacks like popcorn and soda would fly through space just like the asteroids, eventually flying into a garbage can. I think it can probably be assumed that there were some General Cinema locations in Minnesota when the show was being filmed.

Novelty factor: I’ve never even heard of General Cinema, much less this particular bumper. I am actually rather amazed that I was able to find the exact video in question. YouTube never fails to amaze. Who is uploading these things?


3 thoughts on “48. “Welcome to General Cinemas. Please dispose of trash.”

  1. First: Your link doesn’t work. Oh wait, I just found out you have to go to the actual web page for it to work. I just tried to click within the email. Stupid Stupid Stupid! Duh, Peter!

    As a general comment, at first I was dumbfounded/thunderstruck whenever you said, “I’ve never heard of . . . , or I’ve never seen . . . ” Then I realize I take too many things for granted that I grew up with. Or that I’m old enough to recognize something that, even though it was before my time, I still have knowledge of it. Just the other day I heard say ask, “Who’s Paul McCartney?”

    Back to General Cinema. At 3:42 is the musical intro (keyboard & drums) that two of my friends & I dubbed as Billy Preston and Buddy Rich. Ah, we were so clever and funny!

    The ‘no smoking’ reminder is interesting. There used to be twin cinemas (later one was divided to make three) at Northgate Plaza. There were ashtrays mounted on the seatbacks of every other seat or so.

  2. This is the one you want. general Cinemas Space Candy! This is the one they parody specifically. General cinemas were big here from when I moved to the burbs in 75, till I stopped going to multiplexes the General Cinemas traoers meant movies to a lot of people who grew up in Minnesota!

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