47. “Why do you look like Hoyt Axton?!”

The episode:Teenagers from Outer Space,” ep. 404

The riff: Yelled by Tom Servo in an impression of the movie’s “mean alien,” Thor, right after Thor bellows “Tell me!” at a dumbfounded earthling.

The explanation: Hoyt Axton was a prolific American folk singer and actor with a career spanning from the 1960s to late 1980s. He had some success on the Billboard country charts, but his most recognizable songs were ones he wrote for other people. Among these were the Kingston Trio’s “Greenback Dollar” and his extremely successful adaptation of “Joy to the World” that was made famous by Three Dog Night. The guy Thor is yelling at in the car is the spitting image of Axton–I’d say it might even be him in an early, uncredited role, but Axton would have been too young at this time.

Novelty factor: I’ve never heard the name before, but it’s interesting to read about his contributions to popular music. I’ve always enjoyed “Greenback Dollar”–it’s cool to hear the original version.


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