43. “I think you better fold your little card party, Murray the Cop!”

The episode:Teenage Caveman,” ep. 315

The riff: Declared by Dr. Forrester to Joel as the bots take advantage of a naive Gypsy in a game of poker.

The explanation: This is a good example of the obscure references that Joel and Dr. F have a tendency to trade on a regular basis. They’re always referring to each other as characters from various TV series and films. In this case, Clay is referring to the character of “Murray the Cop” as portrayed by Italian actor Al Molinaro on the 1970s “The Odd Couple” TV series. Molinaro was also known Al Delvecchio, the second owner of Arnold’s on “Happy Days.” As for the context of the riff, I’m a little confused. I think what he’s implying is that like Murray, Joel isn’t a very good cop because he’s letting this unauthorized poker game run wild. If you know the context better, let me know in the comments.

EDIT: As someone pointed out, it sounds like this is actually a reference to the stage version of “The Odd Couple” and not the TV series.

Novelty factor: Needless to say, I’m clueless. I’ve never seen an episode of “The Odd Couple,” and I may never have even caught a “Happy Days” rerun. References like this from Joel and Dr. F mostly have to be inferred for me from context.

This is Murray. He's a cop.

This is Murray. He’s a cop.


3 thoughts on “43. “I think you better fold your little card party, Murray the Cop!”

  1. Murray played cards with Oscar in the first act of the play and threatened he could bust the entire game up. Page 14 of the play on Google books…

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