42. “It’s Dance Party, USA!”

The episode:Outlaw of Gor,” ep. 519

The riff: Delivered by Tom in a TV announcer voice as the scene shifts to a large ceremonial dance.

The explanation:Dance Party USA” was an hour-long (yes, an hour long) dance show that aired on the USA network from 1986-1992. On it…people would dance. Apparently, they would just dance for extended periods. A few famous people like Kelly Ripa were among the dancers. This show should give you an idea in general of how badly the early cable networks were hurting for some kind of content to fill space. This is like “Soul Train,” except the cool music is replaced with some of the lamest dancing you’ve ever seen.

Novelty factor: I definitely don’t remember this one. Granted, I was born th same year that it began airing, but the concept still makes me shake my head. It is impossible for me to imagine what it was like to be a teenage person in the late 1980s, but I watch this video and find it impossible to imagine myself seeing this show under any circumstances and saying “Yes. Let’s do that.


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