39. “Keep watching the medicine cabinets!”

The episode:Body Care and Grooming,” the short in front of “The Painted Hills,” ep. 510

The riff: Exclaimed by Joel as the short’s end credits roll and the music swells.

The explanation: Joel is cleverly parodying the famous dialogue at the end of Howard Hawks’ classic 1951 sci-fi feature “The Thing from Another World,” a film twice remade as John Carpenter’s “The Thing” in 1982 and a rather tepid film of the same name in 2011. In Hawks’ movie, the reporter warns the world that aliens are among us, and to “keep watching the skies!” Here, Joel implores the young men and women of America to keep up their body care and grooming habits.

Novelty factor: As a sci-fi fan, this is required viewing and an obvious reference, but I liked hearing the riff. I imagine anyone without an interest in classic sci-fi would be puzzled by it.


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