36. “I want a Barney Clark bar!”

The episode:Cave Dwellers,” ep. 301

The riff: Said in sort of a sad-sack voice by Tom as a caveman chieftan messily munches on a heart that was just cut out of a dude’s chest.

The explanation: This one is complicated and fascinating (I think). So, Tom’s specific tone of voice is emulating a series of commercials that ran for candy Clark Bars, which are chocolate/peanut butter bars from Canada similar to Butterfinger in the U.S. I imagine they were probably available in Minnesota, where the show was being filmed. The “Barney” comes from a man named Barney Clark who was the recipient of the world’s first artificial heart successfully implanted in 1982. He lived for only 112 days more, but I suppose that’s better than zero days more. Servo combines the two references to form a heart-shaped “Barney Clark Bar.”

Novelty factor: I’ve heard of a Clark Bar, but always assumed that “Barney Clark Bar” was just the full name of the candy. This was a particularly interesting tidbit to learn. I guess the writers remembered the name “Barney Clark” from news reports on the heart transplant, almost a decade after it happened. Talk about obscure.



One thought on “36. “I want a Barney Clark bar!”

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