30. “I’ve seen the episode where the eggs come too fast and she starts putting them in her mouth!”

The episode:The Chicken of Tomorrow,” the short in front of “The Brute Man,” ep. 702

The riff: Said wryly by Crow as a matronly looking lady slides a huge pallet of chicken eggs into a warm place in their incubator.

The explanation: Crow is referencing one of the most famous scenes of the show “I Love Lucy,” in which Lucy and her neighbor Ethel are working in a candy factory in the episode “Job Switching.” As a conveyor belt speeds out chocolates faster than Lucy and Ethel can wrap them, the two women resort to stuffing the candy pieces into their mouths and hats in a memorable piece of physical comedy.

Novelty factor: Knew it right away. Although I didn’t grow up watching “I Love Lucy” or anything starring Lucille Ball, my parents used to make reference to this bit from the show all the time. I heard about it long before I ever saw the actual scene. Likewise, I think that’s really what Crow is saying here–in an age before the internet, you would say something like “I’ve seen the episode where…”. They’re referencing a pop culture event that couldn’t be re-viewed at any moment just by visiting YouTube–it lived on in people’s memories and descriptions of the scene, and in the occasional re-run.


One thought on “30. “I’ve seen the episode where the eggs come too fast and she starts putting them in her mouth!”

  1. I always thought Lucy was as funny as three caskets, but I grew up with a mom that thought it was the best thing on TV, so I saw them all. This scene has been homaged and parodied over and over. On SNL they redid it with Gilda Radner as Lucy, Dan Acroyd as her boss, and instead of candy they made nuclear warheads, you can guess how it ended.

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