26. “Could that be the most beautiful girl in the world?”

The episode:Agent for H.A.R.M.”, ep. 815

The riff: Sung shrilly by Mike as a pair of hitmen eye the movie’s attractive female protagonist/communist spy, Ava.

The explanation: This one works on a couple of levels. The dark-skinned hitman in the glasses as Mike sings the line looks a lot like musical star Prince, and the line is a take-off from his hit song, “The Most Beautiful Girl in the World” from 1994. At the same time it reinforces all the wolf-whistling jokes that Mike and the Bots have been making throughout the film about actress Barbara Bouchet, who played Ava. Bouchet was quite hot indeed, appeared in Playboy several times, and may well be the most attractive woman to appear in an MST3k episode, although I suspect Mamie Van Doren would disagree.

Novelty factor: Call me clueless about pop music, but I didn’t know it was about Prince. I’m pretty sure they use this line in a few other episodes as well, so it will be something I’m looking for from now on.


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