24. “Be on the lookout for Rondo! He’s lightly carbonated so you can slam him down fast!”

The episode:The Brute Man,” ep. 702

The riff: Said by Crow in his “TV announcer” voice as police mobilize and hit the streets in search of the film’s tragic villain.

The explanation: The star and villain of “The Brute Man,” Rondo Hatton, shares his name with a citrus-flavored soft drink that was available in the U.S. in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The commercials and marketing for Rondo were famously goofy, as the main selling point was that Rondo was “lightly carbonated” so you could “slam them down fast.” It was marketed to manly men who didn’t have time to “sip” their soda. This episode contains multiple jokes of this form–the first time The Brute Man appears on screen, the boys yell out that he’s “working up a Rondo thirst!”

Novelty factor: This is a riff that I looked up previously out of curiosity, the sort of thing that motivated me to start this blog in the first place. The commercial for Rondo in the video below is one of my favorite riff explanations. It just screams “Are you hot and sweaty from a day of kung fu stickfighting? Slam down a Rondo!”


4 thoughts on “24. “Be on the lookout for Rondo! He’s lightly carbonated so you can slam him down fast!”

  1. The best part about the original Rondo can was if you covered the bottom half of the can with your hand and it looked like you were drinking a beer. It was a great way to piss of the authority figures you WANTED to piss off as a kid. 😉

    And it was actually pretty good, it was like carbonated lemonade, but less sweet. Really good on a hot day. I missed it when it went away.

    • It makes me happy to know that someone is reading this who worked up real Rondo thirsts in the past. Unfortunately, I will never taste the “Thirst Crusher.”

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