19. “I guess Estevez can become a member of DeBarge at any moment.”

The episode:Soultaker,” ep. 1001

The riff: Said quizzically by Crow as a guy who looks like Steve Urkel stops his funky dancing and transforms into the movie’s menacing villain, played by Joe Estevez (the brother of Martin Sheen).

The explanation: The Urkel-looking guy looks like a member of the 1980s R&B/adult contemporary group DeBarge, which had a run of successful albums for Motown in the mid-1980s and hits like “Rhythm of the Night.” Mike follows this up with another joke about the Soultaker’s ability to mimic others, calling him “The Rich Little of shape-shifters, you’ve got to give him that.” Little is famous for his impersonations, although I think he’d hesitate before doing DeBarge.

Novelty factor: I’ve never heard the “DeBarge” name in my life, but that’s not surprising given my dislike of contemporary R&B. I do, however, recognize their songs from radio play.


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