18. “Half the pain of having feet is Red Goose Shoes!”

The episode:Johnny at the Fair,” the short preceding “The Rebel Set,” ep. 419

The riff: Delivered by Joel in his little kid falsetto voice as young Johnny runs about and the camera shows a quick shot of his feet.

The explanation: Red Goose Shoes were apparently a popular old-time shoe brand, making red leather shoes like these. The brand’s motto was “Half the fun of having feet is Red Goose Shoes.” They were apparently a bit gimmicky as a brand, and shoe stores would be outfitted with a “red goose box” of sorts that could lay a “golden egg” with prizes for kids if the parents bought a pair of the shoes. These eggs would contain candy or a small toy.

Novelty factor: I had absolutely no idea, of course. It was difficult even finding an adequate description of what Red Goose Shoes were for this one. This may be the most obscure reference we’ve had on the blog so far.

Buy painful leather shoes, get a delightfully worthless trinket for your child! Sounds like a bargain.

Buy painful leather shoes, get a delightfully worthless trinket for your child! Sounds like a bargain.


5 thoughts on “18. “Half the pain of having feet is Red Goose Shoes!”

  1. They did all sorts of kids shoes, “not just red shoes though they seemed to be an ad staple” I live in Minneapolis, and the commercials were common when I was a kid, I recalls eeing ads during kid programming time anyway and I remember the jingle. I’m 48 so I’m in the right age bracket for the cast.

      • Truth be told, I have no idea. They were sold in shoe stores, and we were poor kids, our shoes came from Target, Sears, or maybe K-Mart. Like Buster Browns, we saw the ads, but they were not in the stores where most inner city kids got footwear. By the time we could afford “shoe store” shoes, I was more into Adidas and Reebok.

        BTW Interesting concept for a Blog, I’ve been a big MST head since Crawling Eye, I’ve toured the studio, and I was at the first MST3K live, the one at the Uptown, not the State Theater. I even have all the epps in my iPod. But I have noticed sharing MST3K with people “especially younger people” that a lot of jokes are in what Joel once called “The over 40 collection” or don’t make sense if you are not from the Twin cities and I find that I spend a lot of time explaining gags that seem apparent to me, but are white noise if you are over 30. So as long as we keep circulating the “virtual” tapes, there will always be a need to explain jokes plain to us in the bifocal set. 🙂

        This blog is DEFINITELY on my daily checklist, and now I want to go to the Blainebrook Bowl and play pinball! “Leech Woman #802”

        • Yes, it’s incredible how local some of the references are—it’s like they thought they were still being broadcast just on KTMA. My boss is from Minnesota, and thus can explain some of those hyper-local jokes to me.

          Thanks for checking back regularly. There are never going to be a huge number of readers here, but I’m happy that at least a small, regular contingent of MST3k faithful have found it.

          • Now all the Rifftrax and Cinematic Titanic jokes are about LA, just like every other show on TV. Remember it was made in a suburban twin cites industrial park, One I drive by often. Oh well, If I can be of any help on “local” jokes I’d be glad to. Though Google is probably more use than I am.

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