15. “I’m ready to fight Captain Kirk.”

The episode:Track of the Moon Beast,” ep. 1007

The riff: Said in a silly voice by Mike as one of the movie’s protagonists, Paul, slowly (very slowly) transforms into a scary-looking lizard man.

The explanation: The lizard man in “Track of the Moon Beast” bears a pretty close resemblance, other than its color, to the famous “Gorn” alien from the “Arena” episode of Star Trek, the original series. “Arena” is one of the best-remembered episodes of the show, and deals with Kirk and a dangerous Gorn opponent being stranded on a desert planet by another powerful and enigmatic race called the Metrons, forced to fight to the death. Kirk soon realizes that in the Gorn, he’s up against a tremendously strong but slow/bulky opponent, and he eventually uses scientific know-how to win the day.

Novelty factor: Knew this one all the way. I still have never really seen a ton of Star Trek episodes, but this is one that just about any geeky guy has seen at some point, if he’s seen any of the original series at all.

3 thoughts on “15. “I’m ready to fight Captain Kirk.”

  1. This was also the episode where the Mythbusters got the idea for making gunpowder like Kirk did and building a cannon to shoot a cutout representation of the Gorn. 🙂

    • Yeah, I think pretty much any Star Trek fan would get this particular reference–not the most obscure overall, but a classic episode.

  2. And it’s also also the episode that Bill & Ted are watching in “Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey”, as well as the location where the Evil Robot Us’s kill Bill & Ted!!

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