9. “Me and the castrato will check this out.”

The episode:The Legend of Boggy Creek II: And the Legend Continues,” ep. 1006

The riff: Delivered by Crow as two of the film’s protagonists, a doctor and his skinny, dweeby-looking companion, check out the carcass of a deer killed by the Boggy Creek Creature.

The explanation: It’s a mean joke at the expense of poor Tim, who seemingly insisted on being shirtless through much of this film despite his scrawniness. A castrato is an adult male singer whose voice has been preserved in an adolescent state by castration before puberty. This process meant the singer would never undergo the horomonal changes of puberty, resulting in a high-pitched singing voice and unusually feminine appearance. And if this film is to be believed, it makes you really annoying and not very helpful as well.

Novelty factor: I was aware of the term, and thus understood the dig at Tim’s masculinity. But considering the fact that I don’t have much more muscle mass than he does, I’m not sure how it makes me feel.

Tim in all his glory.

Tim in all his glory.


One thought on “9. “Me and the castrato will check this out.”

  1. The castrato joke isn’t just about a feminine appearance; often they developed abnormally tall, lanky figures due to their joints not forming properly, in addition to lacking masculine body hair. So that guy actually does look like a castrato!

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