5. “Ride! Riding like the demon that drives your dream!”

The episode: This running gag is used in at least three episodes: “Mitchell” ep. 512, “Radar Secret Service” ep. 520, and “Angels Revenge” ep. 622. There may be more.

The riff: Usually sung by one of the riffers during a less-than-exciting car chase. In “Radar Secret Service,” Mike sings this snatch of lyrics in an extremely deflated, uninterested tone of voice while a car slowly rolls up on a pair of thieves.

The explanation: The lyrics are actually an excerpt from the song “Drive,” the theme song for the action-drama show “Hardcastle and McCormick,” which aired on ABC from 1983-1986. The show was about an ex-judge and an former racecar driver who teamed up to battle crime, and featured lots of flashy driving in McCormick’s “Coyote X” racer. Interestingly, the SOL crew seems to have misquoted the actual lyrics of the song, which are “Drive! Drivin’ like the demon that drives your beat!” It would seem that the writers simply found the bombastic song amusing, as they re-used it multiple times.

Novelty factor: I’d heard of Hardcastle and McCormick before, but had no idea what the show was about, nor had any idea the riff was a reference to the theme song.


4 thoughts on “5. “Ride! Riding like the demon that drives your dream!”

    • I knew I remembered it being sung elsewhere as well. This has become the most annoying thing of doing this blog–when I talk about recurring riffs, I wish there was a way to know every episode they appeared in.

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