4. “Otis Nixon!”

The episode: “Eegah,” ep. 506

The riff: Yelled by Crow as the camera cuts to a withered, dehydrated mummy head.

The explanation: The mummy bears a striking resemblance to Otis Nixon, a speedy journeyman center fielder best known for his spectacular catch as a member of the Atlanta Braves in the summer of 1992. Needless to say, Nixon was not known for his physical attractiveness as a player, as one might guess from Joel and the bots comparing him to a corpse. He also battled drug charges and cocaine addiction throughout his career.

Novelty factor: A favorite riff as soon as I heard it, as I have long found anything related to Nixon to be hilarious after seeing this Something Awful spoof of terrible “collector’s item” TV promotions. “OTIS NIXON! MOST BEAUTIFUL MAN IN BASEBALL!”


3 thoughts on “4. “Otis Nixon!”

  1. a) I don’t think he’s really ugly.
    b) You can get an autographed copy of his book “Keeping It Real” for $19.99. Shame your birthday is so far off.

  2. There’s another Otis Nixon reference in “The Leech Woman” (episode 802) at 0:11:58. Personally I think the old woman does look like she could be Otis’ twin sister. This riff may be overlooked though as it follows Servo’s first JEEEEEEEED! To this day my wife and I both call out JEEEEEED! whenever New Orleans Saints Fullback Jed Collins is involved in a play 🙂

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