3. “This is no time for zymurgy!”

The episode: “Final Sacrifice,” ep. 910

The riff: Yelled angrily by Crow as the movie’s hero, Zap Rowsdower (yes, that’s his name) fills glass bottles with alcohol to use as molotov cocktails against a pursuing truck.

The explanation: Zymurgy is the scientific name for the study of fermentation, the conversion of sugar into alcohol. It’s also a term used as the “professional-sounding” name for homebrewing. The popular magazine produced by the American Homebrewers Association is actually named “Zymurgy.” The action of filling bottles by Rowsdower looks amusingly close to a labor-intensive part of the homebrewing process.

Novelty factor: A favorite riff of mine, as homebrewing is a hobby. This is also a great example of a riff that I heard probably half a dozen times before ever understanding what it meant–it made no sense to me until I started brewing. Then, the lightbulb came on.

Homebrewing: Not just for nerds.

Homebrewing: Not just for nerds.


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